The Project

Llamalo X is a one-human-two-dimensional project. Our design trademark is intended to make a name for itself, and to become a place dedicated to creativity and culture.

In order to develope both concepts, we use old and new technologies: from latest thing in software to scissors and glue. Everything can be useful! Everything may contribute to achieve our two main objectives: solving matters of design and creating art. We proudly work for the world to recognize and consider graphic design as a fine art.

Firmly supported by 6 years of hard work in graphic and web design, Llámalo X wants to break through. We have a fundamental idea: this is a way of life, not an enterprise. We want to be kwown because of the good quality of our job. It is passion what we seek while working in our projects; We appreciate quality before quantity and we like small things created with love.

Llamalo X is open to become a place for both personal and collective learning. We want to let in all the things that may help us to improve and make them available to those who are interested in them. Thus, there will be a record of the making proccess of our works on the website. We are interested in creating a community where everybody feels recognised and glad to participate.